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"So after calculating that I’ve now lost 90 lbs I thought I should do comparison photos for at the beginning of my journey and now. This transformation just by changing my morning coffee ☕️. When I bought my first 2 weeks back on 27th March 2017 I did not for a second believe I would notice any difference EVER. I’d tried everything and was clutching at straws by then. 2016 had seen me put on so much weight when I couldn’t walk and was waiting on spinal surgery, already a size 18 I ballooned to a size 24. I got my operation in August 2016 and it was a miracle, I was back on my feet the same day. Just look at me now 😱🙌💕 just 18 months later and size 12/14. I still have a little way to go to get to my ideal weight but I’m so grateful to these amazing products for making it all possible 😍 "

SlimROAST Optimum makes skeptical people the BEST BELIEVERS!!! Awesome MAZ!!!

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